Kentucky lake levels at New Johnsonville this week will be hovering around the 355ft mark with flow rates between 50,000-60,000cfs, which is a fairly strong flow for this time of the year. Area water temps on Kentucky lake have been in the lower to mid 60’s with the Duck River already below the 60 degree mark. Bass fishing has definitely improved over this week with a better catch by area fishermen, especially by the numbers but not by size. Although most fishermen are catching numbers of small bass, a few good fish have showed up. Most fishermen are finding jerk baits to be working well, also tossing small jigs around cover has been producing fish. Crappie activity has also gotten better, with the vast majority of fish coming from 10-15ft depths on jigs tipped with minnows. Catfishing has also benefited from the increased flow, with some good catches coming from slack water areas along the main river channel. Catfishermen have been fishing underwater points and creek mouths and coming up with some good numbers.

Deer muzzle-loader season started this past weekend, with warmer than average temps, a lot of the deer activity seemed to be constrained to the after dark periods, although some deer have been moving due to increased rutting behavior over the last few days. Humphreys Co. saw about 107 deer harvested this weekend, with about 85 males taken. Muzzle-loader season will continue until Friday November 20th, with regular gun season beginning on November 21st. So far this year, the state has harvested 31,630 deer, with Humphreys Co. taking 419 of these deer.