Lake levels have finally dropped into the winter-pool ranges, with current levels at New Johnsonville holding at just above 354.5 ft. TVA has predicted the lake to remain stable this week with flow rates falling off a bit, with average flow this week to be around 35,000-40-000cfs. Water temps have also fallen, with average temps holding in the upper 60’s to low 70’s. Boaters are reminded that many underwater hazards exist when the lake is at or near winter pool, summertime levels have nearly 5-6ft of water over where we are at now and shallow water abounds this time of year, many boaters find shallow flats unsuspectedly.

Bass action has improved a bit, with most catches coming from topwater action early and late in the day. Mid day bite has been tough, with most tossing shad like presentations in the form of rattletraps, blade baits and spoons on flats close to deep water.

Crappie has also improved , with most fish coming out of water around 10ft deep, cloudy days see the fish shallower, while sunny days see the fish somewhat deeper. Slow presentations fished around cover seem to be working best as it seems the ‘strike zone’ has shrunk for most.

Catfish action has gotten better, with fish becoming more active than they have been Most fish have been caught in deeper water with the best depths being around 40ft. A unusual bait that has been working well is chicken breast. Some are soaking them in strawberry jello and using small chunks fished where they locate schools of catfish found with the sonar.

The juvenile deer hunt will be this weekend, Oct 31st – Nov 1st. Youths 6-16 years of age may participate, kids may use any weapon type they choose but must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult that is 21 yrs or older. Limits are same statewide, 1 antlered deer/day not to exceed 2/season. As of this past weekend, Humphreys Co. has harvested 133 deer, and with the deer really moving due to the onset of the rut, kids are expected to add many to this number during the weekend.

Hunters and fishermen utilizing the Duck River Federal Wildlife Refuge, remember that all activities will be closed after November 15th. Some great fishing can be had this time of year on the refuge, as water cools, the fish in the shallow impoundments will concentrate.