Looks like lake levels this week will and have remained stable. Lake levels at New Johnsonville this week at 355.09ft with TVA predicting the lake to remain stable for the remainder of the week unless we get a bunch of rain.  Flow rates are at around 45,000cfs out of KY dam, and around 30,000cfs coming into the system.  Water temps are in the low 70’s.

Fall fishing is here! Some of the best fishing can be had during the fall, with plentiful bait fish and a great fish hatch for crappie and bass, we expect the fishing to vastly improve here on KY lake. Crappie are being taken in the mid-depth ranges of 10-15ft.  Most are still scattered and many beds must be targeted to find numbers, but they are showing signs of starting to school up.  Bass fishermen continue to try to find a good pattern, but few have succeeded in finding the fish in the fall pattern.  Some days they are very shallow, chasing shad in less than 2 ft. of water, and later out on the shallow river flats busting shad.  Catfish bite has consistently been improving with the steady current we’ve had in lately.

Deer archery season has now had a couple of weeks going, and now we have a total of 46 deer harvested as of Saturday morning, but expect a few to come in by the time you read this.  So far, the state has had over 7,000 deer checked in.  Hunters are reminded that during this covid-19 pandemic, to TAG BEFOR YOU DRAG the easiest way is to use the TWRA app, which can be found at the apple store, or the play store for android devices. The app is free and you can check in big game, and purchase licenses and permits.