Kentucky Lake levels on Monday this week were right at 356ft. TVA is predicting a fall back into the mid- to upper-355ft by mid-week. Flow rates continue to be above average, with less water coming into the system than is being discharged out of Kentucky Dam. Flow rates are averaging 40,000cfs and are showing up in the mid afternoon in our area. Water temps are still in the low to mid-80s. With an expected return of warm weather this week, expect those temperatures to remain warm.

Bass have been moving in the shallow with the cool nigh-time temperatures, and a few fishermen have found some good numbers of bass in water less than 1 ft. deep.

Look for shad schools along the back of the bays.

Crappie should begin their push back into the bays this month, with most fish hanging in the 10-15ft range around cover. But look for cool nights and water temperatures falling back into the 70s before they head in. A few crappie are still being taken along the deeper areas out on the river drops, mostly by fishermen using slow presentations, such as floating minnows around cover in 15-25ft of water.

Catfish have started to bite again, most of the activity has been a late night bite, but when water temperatures start falling, the fish will begin to move again in search of food.

Velvet deer season produced 10 antlered deer in our county, and regular archery season will begin on the fourth Saturday this month (26th ). Dove opened on the first of September, but most hunts were conducted this past labor day weekend, with some pretty good shoots across the county. Also, early woodduck and teal season will open on the 12th. As a reminder, all hunters need to consult the most current hunting guide for more information.