Fishing has begun to improve here on Kentucky Lake. Bass have started to hit on top-water while chasing minnows. Some fish have been in the bays, some out on the main river flats, with the bigger fish closer to the main river. Early morning and late afternoon have seen most of the activity. Crappie are still being taken in the mid-depth range, with most fish holding in water around 15ft.

Catfish remain sluggish. I’m guessing due to the current not showing up till mid to late afternoon, when some fishermen have been finding a few good fish along the river drops in depths around 25ft.

Lake levels on Saturday were at 356.7ft, with TVA predicting levels to remain stable this week. Water temperatures have remained in the low to mid-80s. With flow rates (late afternoon) around 40,000cfs.

Hunting seasons are upon us, with squirrel opening last weekend, velvet deer this last weekend of August, and dove and early goose opening on the 1st of September. As always, consult the current hunting guide for more information pertaining to limits and regulations.

Dove opens on September 1 at noon, thereafter, 30 minutes before sunrise. TWRA has some leased dove fields in our area, Harmons Creek has 15 acres of millet that has been bush hogged, Camden has 50 acres of bush hogged sunflowers, 15 acres of millet, and 10 acres of corn. Bigsandy WMA has 25 acres of bush hogged millet. If you hunt the WMA make sure in addition to the regular licenses (also migratory bird hunting permit), each hunter must have a small game WMA permit (except for Harmons
Creek). Any questions can be addressed by consulting the hunting guide, using TWRA’s moble app, or calling the TWRA office during normal business hours.