Lake levels continue to fall back toward winter pool here on Kentucky Lake, with current levels (on Sunday) just under 357ft, and TVA predicting a fall toward the mid-356ft level by the end of the week. Water temperatures fell back somewhat, with average water temperature somewhere between 82 to 86 degrees. Flow rates are average, with around 30.000cfs moving through the system, but much of the flow shows up in our area around 3 p.m. each day.

Bass continue to be scattered, with no percievable pattern developing. Bass seem to be everywhere, from shallow to deep, but the only common item, is the presence of bait fish. Most fishermen are tossing shad like presentations around areas with shad present.

Crappie fishermen haven’t been out much, presumably due to the heat, but once cooler weather gets here the crappie fishing should be great, especially in the mid-depth ranges of 10-15ft as the shad move back into the bays with crappie in toe!

Catfish continue to be hard to find on Kentucky Lake. Fish that are found are being taken after dark on fresh cut bait. Most fish are being taken in 25-35ft depths.

Hunting season began this past Saturday, with the opening of squirrel season. Limits on the bushytails are 10/person/day. Velvet deer season will open this Saturday. Consult the 2029/2021 hunting guide for more information, as well as check out TWRA’S web site:

Upcoming hunting opportunities will include the September 1 opening of dove season, early goose season, woodduck and teal seasons beginning September 12.