Lake levels this week have started to fall. Last week we saw a small rise to just under 358ft, but now lake levels are around 357ft and predicted to fall into the 356ft level later this week. Flow rates remain slight, with around 25,000cfs on most days. Water temperatures remain in the mid to upper 80s, which is typical for this time of year.

So far this year, we’ve not experienced any water quality issues. Usually mid to late summer brings high water temperatures combined with slow to no water movement, which can result in poor oxygen levels in the lake.

Bass patterns still seem to be somewhat a mystery for most, the ledge pattern has produced some fish, but there still doesn’t seem to be any pattern for finding numbers of keeper fish. It could be the plentiful numbers of shad across the Lake system. Crappie fishermen continue to evade the hot summer days by fishing mainly early in the morning, but some fish have been showing up along deeper ledges along the creek drops where cover is present. Catfish seem to have decided to go on a hunger strike, with a local tournament only producing a winning weight of just over 6 lbs. Meanwhile, a tournament on the
Cumberland river had a five fish limit of over 100lbs.

Squirrel season will begin this Saturday, August 22. Also this Saturday, there will be a free hunting day where any resident may hunt small game (in season) without the necessity for a hunting license.

Gray and fox squirrels are legal, and the limit is 10/person. The Duck River Federal Wildlife Refuge is open to squirrel hunting, but hunters must obtain a type 064 permit in addition to their state licenses. As always, more information may can be found in the 2020/21 annual TN hunting/trapping guide.