Water temperatures continue to climb, and now we are seeing upper 80s to low 90s surface temperatures around our area. The Kentucky Lake levels are going to drop again by the first of the month, with TVA continuing to bring the lake levels down toward winter pool. Lake levels are now still at 358ft, but shoud be in the upper 357ft level by next weekend, (not if we receive a lot of rain in the system).

Offshore bass fishing has been “hit or miss” this year, most of the fish have been found deeper than normal, guessing the hot water has pushed them deeper to find cooler water. Some fishermen continue to find bass around shallow vegetation and boat docks.

Crappie have moved out to the deeper water as well, as the surface temperatures increase, crappie tend to move to more comfortable areas, where water temps are more to their liking. Often the bottom layer of water is cooler and crappie will be closer to the bottom during these hot summer days. Catfish are still hard to find, but some are still being taken along the river drops in 35-45ft depths, mostly by using liver and nightcrawlers fished close to the bottom.