Lake levels have started to fall back toward winter pool, with current levels at 358.5ft and flow rates around 20,000cfs. However, due to the rain Sunday morning, flow rates have ramped up into the 70,000cfs range until TVA gets the Lake levels back around 358ft. Water temperatures remain high, with current surface temperatures starting out in the mid-80s in the morning, and climbing into the upper-80s by late afternoon. With the good flow rates we’ve been having this week, I’m not expecting much of a problem with oxygen levels, even in the deeper Lake areas. Usually when Lake temperatures reach into the upper-80s to low-90s, and combined with low or no flow, Kentucky Lake can experience low oxygen levels in the deeper water and can have mussel die-offs. But with the constant flow from the increased rain into the tn river valley, the Lake hasn’t experienced a turnover or other water issues.

Bass fishermen are finding a few good fish off the river ledges where bait is present, and some are still finding a few fish shallow along the banks where bass are chasing the plentiful shad. Crappie fishermen have been somewhat absent on the water, most likely due to the excessive heat during these dog days of summer. Catfish have still been moving back out to the deeper areas, with some good numbers of  ‘eaters’ coming off the river drops, mostly using night crawlers and small cut bait.

Iwant to remind all waterfowl hunters who want to try to enter for duck blinds on local WMAs that this year blinds will only be available via computer draw. Hunters must apply online by July 26.

Hunters can apply by going to, click on quota hunts and look for the WMA you wish to apply for. Also, before applying, hunters must have the appropriate permits and licenses. If you need further information, contact TWRA at 1-800-372-3928 or go to the web site