On Monday, Kentucky Lake levels at New Johnsonville were at 359ft and predicted to remain stable.
Of course this all depends upon how much rainfall we receive on the Tennessee River Basin this week. Flow rates are strong on Monday, but are predicted to fall off to normal rates by early week.

Monday morning, TVA was reporting nearly 70.000cfs, but was going to reduce the flow by Monday evening to 30,000cfs.

Water temps remain in the mid 80s. Expect surface temperatures to continue to rise as the air temperatures remain close to 90 degrees this week.

On a good note, we’ve had a huge shad spawn this year, which is exciting knowing that the sports fish will have plenty to eat and grow on. Expect Kentucky Lake’s great fishing to return in the next few years. The last few years has been hard on most sports fish in our area, mainly due to the lack of bait-fish. Now the tide seems to have turned in our favor!

Bass fishermen have started to find a few fish out on the ledges, mostly using Texas rigged presentations fished slow on the drops and on top of the ledges when fish were present. Crappie are still being taken, mostly on the main river drops. Most crappie anglers are using ‘moving’ presentations, like long line trolling, spider-rigging, and covering water. Catfish have now started showing back up in the old river channel now that their spawning activity has subsided. Small eater sized fish are being
taken by using night crawlers and chicken livers, bigger fish are being taken with cut baits such as skipjack and cut bluegill fished on the bottom of the ledges, best depths seem to be around 30-40ft.