Kentucky Lake water levels are holding steady with levels at 358.8ft at New Johnsonville. Without any added rainfall across the TN river valley, expect the lake levels to remain stable until normal draw-down, which occurs the week after the Fourth of July weekend. Water temperatures are climbing, and are in the low to mid-80s this week on the lake. Flow rates for Kentucky Lake are low, with an average of only 20,000cfs predicted. The Buffalo and Duck Rivers are low, and have low flow this week due to the lack of rainfall.

Bass fishermen continue to be puzzled at where the fish are, many of our local tournaments are being won with just about more than 10 lbs. Many fishermen are not even bringing a measurable fish to the scales. Bass should have already moved off shore onto the ledges, but seem to have gotten lost somewhere along the way. We can hope fishing will improve over the next few weeks.

Crappie are being taken in the deeper areas offshore, a few good bags are being found along the river drops where the current is present. Most are still being taken by fishermen covering water, mainly by long-line trolling and spider rigging along river drops. Catfish have come off of the riverbed as their spawning is winding down, the fish have begun to move back out to the main river, and are being found along the main river drops by fishermen using night-crawlers and livers.