Lake levels are falling this week, with TVA predicting a fall back to around 359ft by this Wednesday. Flow rates have backed off as well, with a predicted flow around 30,000cfs mid-week. Water temperatures are now in the mid-80s and are expected to continue to rise with the warmer than normal weather we’ve been having.

Bass fishermen continue to pitch Texas-rigged bait in the shallows at visible cover, but with the falling water levels, expect the fish to pull off shore and set up a more summer-like pattern soon. Crappie continue to be found in the mid-depth ranges of 10-15ft, but seem to remain scattered. Bluegill and shell crackers have been taken, although the shell crackers action
has been a bit slow. Catfish continue to be taken in shallow water with nightcrawlers, especially around rocky banks where spawning can take place.

TWRA has made some changes to this upcoming hunting season, the spring turkey limit has been reduced from four to three turkeys, and some changes were made to the CWD units on deer. Trap size was changed for the upcoming trapping season, and some changes were made in the elk hunt.

300,000 more Florida-strain largemouth bass were stocked late last month on Kentucky Lake with the help of Charlie Ingramm, the fish were stocked with the intent of producing an F-1 hybrid which will have a faster growth rate.