We had a busy Memorial Day weekend, the warm weather brought a lot of boaters out to the lake. A few rain storms in the area slowed up some activity, but passed quickly, and the boat crowd soon regained momentum, filling most of the waterways with waves. Lake levels remain at summer pool, 359ft and are predicted to remain stable this week. Flow rates have picked up, with the lake seeing just over 100,000cfs this weekend, in part due to the rainfall in the TN river valley. Water temperatures have been climbing with the near 90 degree days, and are averaging in the mid to upper 70s.

Bass fishermen have mostly been pitching shallow water areas, around visible cover, hoping to find some shallow water action. Most have been most successful pitching Texas rigged baits at buckbushes and logs. We’ve had a good shad spawn this year, and many of the bass and crappie have been shallow looking for a easy meal. Some bass fishermen have been targeting offshore drops, ledges and humps, using “search baits,” like deep diving crankbaits, swim baits and Texas rigged worms.

Crappie have been found on main lake flats in the 10-15ft range, mostly by long-line tolling and spider-rigging.

Shell crackers and bluegill have been caught lately, but not in great numbers, not sure if the moon phase and water temps haven’t been in phase, but a full moon is happening on June 5, and we can keep our fingers crossed that the shellcrackers will show up this week.

Catfish have been caught in numbers in shallow water, mostly channel-cats and small blue-cats, but the larger fish seem to be spawning, and get lockjaw when doing so. The yellow cats should still be able to be found by fishing live bait (bluegill, shad, small catfish) around wood cover close to deeper water.