Kentucky lake continues to fall, both in level as well as temperature. We saw the lake in out area reach just over 361ft last week, with lake temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. Then cooler weather and high flows entered the picture, dropping lake levels and cooling surface temps. Kentucky Lake is now holding just above the 359ft mark, and is predicted to remain stable this week. Flow rates have backed off a bit, with flows this past weekend nearing the 200,000cfs mark, and have now backed off to just over 100,000cfs. Water temps have also backed off, with cool nights and strong north winds early this week, surface temps are holding in the low 60s. The fish still are moving up shallow looking for spawning areas.

Crappie continue to be found just off the spawning areas, mostly in depths of 8-10ft, and moving shallow as the water warms in the afternoon. Moving and fishing multiple spots has been producing the better stringers. Bass are still being found on wood and rock just out from spawning areas, still mostly being taken on creature baits fished around this cover.