This week has brought some cooler weather in the picture. Some may call it ‘Dogwood winter’, but most would agree we would love to see some warmer weather come back. The cooler weather has slowed the spawning activity of most fish, with crappie and bass moving back out to deeper water in future anticipation of a warm-up. Current lake levels are just under 361 ft at New Johnsonville, with TVA predicting a fall to 360 ft by Thursday. Flow rates have been very strong, with just under 200,000cfs in our area. The Duck River is still flowing strong, but from the Bakerville Road Bridge downriver, its looking good. Water temperatures have backed off from last week, with Kentucky Lake temps starting in the mid 50s and hovering around 60 by late afternoon.

Turkey season has taken off strong! As of Sunday, Humphreys County show 318 birds harvested, with almost a month to go, I expect a record harvest. I want to remind all hunters and fishermen that the outdoors is still open during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to enjoy the outdoors.