A line graph shows a quickly growing forecast for rising water levels for starting from Mar. 23 to April 1.

With all the rainfall through the last few months, TVA is predicting the Tennessee River to flood again. Add in the excessive flow rates (350,000cfs coming in and 180,000cfs being let out of the Kentucky dam) expect some tough conditions on the lake.

Crappie have been found around the area, most fish are still deeper, between 3-20ft deep, but expect the fish to move up with the higher temps slated for this week. Spawning will not take place until the water temps reach into the lower to mid 60’s.

The 2020 Young Sportsman Spring Turkey Hunt is the perfect way to get your youth outside the weekend of March 28-29.

The youth season kicks of this year’s spring turkey hunting season in Tennessee. The regular spring turkey hunt starts the next weekend on Saturday, April 4, and continues through Sunday, May 17.

The Young Sportsman Hunt is for youth ages 6-16. One bearded turkey is allowed per day and any turkey harvested during the Young Sportsman Hunt counts toward the spring season limit of four, unless taken on a wildlife management area (WMA) where turkeys are designated as bonus birds.

Each young sportsman must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult, age 21 or older who must remain in position to take control of a device. Multiple youth may be accompanied by a single non-hunting adult who is not required to have a license.

More information on the Young Sportsman Hunt, the 2020 spring turkey season and WMAs can be found in the 2019-20 Tennessee Hunting & Trapping Guide.