TVA is prediction for the lake at New Johnsonville to go below the 356 ft mark by mid week, current lake levels are 356ft with flow rates bumped up to around 40.000cfs.  water temps remain in the mid to upper 80’s.  Fishing has seen a small improvement, with Bass tournaments taking around 15lbs to win.  Fish remain scattered, with a few fish starting to hit on top water. 

Crappie remain deep, in the 20ft range, with a slow presentation producing the most fish.  Minnows fished close to cover are producing a few good fish.

Catfish remain slow, but a few good numbers of eater sized fish continue to be taken around the river drops on worms and liver.

Dove season will open Sept 1st, at noon with the limits 15 birds per hunter per day.  Here are a few items to remember before heading out to the field this Sunday;  make sure you have the proper license.  each hunter needs at minimum a small game license(type 01) and a migratory bird hunting permit.  also your gun needs a plug in it, making the shotgun incapable of holding more then 3 shells.  a big issue each year has to do with baiting. Federal and state laws  prohibit anyone from hunting migratory birds over an area where bait has been placed.  examples of baited areas are fields which have had grains placed as an incitement to attract migratory birds. Placing any agricultural grains on an area to attract doves is bait!  if a crop is grown on the field, it is legal to manipulate (bushhog) the crop, and hunt doves over it, as long as no new grains are added to the field.  planting wheat in the fall for a food plot/cover crop and hunting doves is ok, as long as the field is only planted once (we’ve seen fresh wheat and sprouted wheat on the same field, which is an an indicator that the field has been planted more than once, making it illegal to hunt)  All a hunter has to do is ask the landowner or person who fixed the field if the field was baited, if it was don’t hunt it!  as always, refer to the newest hunting guide for rules and regulations pertaining to any hunting activity you may have any questions about.