This has been a week of excuses, hot temps, warm water, too much current , no current, etc.  Most fishermen have been unsuccessful at catching any species of fish.  As fishing goes, summer can be the most difficult season to fish.  Hot water temperatures can cause water be low on oxygen levels, lakes can stratify, depleting any remaining oxygen, and fish can become stressed causing the bite to be slow.  

Water levels continue to fall towards winter pool, with levels in NewJohnsville area around 356ft, and should continue to fall towards winter pool over the next few weeks.  Water temps remain in the upper 80s to low 90s.  flow rates this week are predicted to be averaging 30,000cfs.

Bass fishermen have been having a hard time finding feeding fish, deep fish seem to have been suspended, indicating  inactive fish, and the shallow bass bite has been off as well.

Catfish have been slow as well, with most fish still holding up in the deeper water on the river channel in the current.  a few cats have been coming off the ‘Drift’ bite.  drifting baits with the current suspended 2-6ft off the bottom. 

hopefully cooler weather and some much needed rain will help improve the bite, fall often can be one of the most productive fishing times of the year as fish ‘fatten up’ on shad before the winter sets in.

Hunting season start this next weekend, with the archery ‘velvet’ deer hunt beginning this Friday and continuing through Sunday.  Squirrel also starts Saturday, which is also free hunting day, where everyone can hunt small game without the need to have a hunting license.  Before hunting, make sure to consult this years hunting guide to make sure you are complying with all the regulations and limits.