Lake levels have remained stable this past week, and TVA is predicting the same for the upcoming week.  Lake levels at NewJohnsonville have been around 357.5ft, and will only fall back to the 357ft mark by mid week.  water temps continue to be in the mid to upper 80’s with flow rates averaging around 45,000cfs.

Not much information on the fishing front this past week, hot weather and blistering sun have kept most fishermen off the water.  Bass still have been taken around wood cover in shallow water when the current has been present, but overall the bite has been slow.  Crappie has been slow as well, but a few anglers are coming up with some decent slabs in 15-20ft depths on slow presentations with minnows.  Catfish are typically scattered this time of the year, and it shows! most fishermen have been ‘drifting’ to come up with any fish, but as August continues, the heat and warming water will push the larger cats deep, targeting deeper holes in the TN river can net some fun fishing for large cats.  Eater sized catfish continue to be taken with red worms, night crawler and liver baits fished along the river drops

Coach Bradford will be having a HUNTER ED FIELD DAY   event on September 7th, you must complete the online portion to attend this event, for more information, go to TWRA’s web site or call Mr. Bradford at 931-264-0049

I’ve gotten a few questions on hummingbirds of late, one is; can I make my own nectar?           Of coarse Hummingbirds eat the nectar from flowers, and many people enjoy feeding the hummingbirds.  there are many commercial mixes out there, but it is easy and cheap to make your own!  The basic mix is:  1 Part sugar with 4 parts water (for example, 1 cup sugar with 4 cups water) heat water/sugar mix in a pan until all the sugar is dissolved and let cool before filling feeders!  and never use red dye!!!!!!! it can hurt the hummingbirds, and is unnecessary. you can store extra sugar water in the refrigerator.