Lake levels rebounded somewhat this week, with levels at NewJohnsonville at the 359ft mark.  Normally we should be around 358ft, but no doubt the added rainfall across the TN river valley has added some to the increase in water levels.  Flow rates have increased as TVA attempts to keep the lake levels on par with where we should be this time of year.  Flow rates have averaged around 60,000cfs to 75,000cfs this week. normal flow rates are around 20,000-30,000cfs.  Water temps have dropped as well, with surface temps in the mid to upper 80’s, but expect a increase in water temps with the looming heat wave predicted this week. 

Bass continue to be found out on the main lake ledges and humps, with bait present.  the shallow bite is still working for some, especially where shad and pin minnows are found around tree tops and boat docks. Running spinner baits along the surface in and around grass beds have produced some exciting action early in the morning. 

Blue gill have started to spawn again, and panfish anglers targeting know bluegill beds have come up with some good catches.

Catfish action continues to improve, with most good catches coming from the main river drop in 30-45ft depts. Use that dept finder to locate the large schools of cats, usually hiding on the down current side of points along the main river channel.  baits of choice include nightcrawlers and livers for eater sized fish, but if looking for the larger cats, fresh cut bait like, shad or bluegill and even Asian carp have produced some really nice catfish.

Crappie fishermen have found a few good stringers, mostly in the mid depth to deeper ranges of 18-25ft.  most have been taken around drops where the current is broken up, creating areas where bait fish can be ambushed by the crappie.

TWRA’s new 2019-2020 hunting guides are now out, make sure to pick one up with the hunting season just around the corner!