Current Kentucky lake level at NewJohnsonville is at 360.34ft.  lake levels are reported to rise over the weekend to a crest of 360.8ft with an average flow rate of 30,000cfs.  Kentucky dam is predicted to open up Saturday, bumping up the flows to over 60,000cfs through Sunday. Surface temps on the lake have been upper 70’s in the morning, rising to the low 80’s by late afternoon. 

the Buffalo river is up some, with the current level at Lobelville at 4ft with flow rates at 723cfs. The Duck river is up and somewhat muddy, with levels around 3 ft with a flow rate around 2100cfs.

fishing has been tough with all the strong winds. this week has not seen many days without a brisk breeze keeping most fishermen off the main lake.  Bass have moved out to the summer spots on the main lake ledges, making it difficult for many fishermen to be able to fish on the ledges.  With rising water levels predicted this weekend, the shallow bite should see improvement.

Crappie fishermen have been experiencing the same issues with strong wind, making is hard to fish out in the deeper areas and  the main lake flats where many crappie spend their summer.

Catfish are still being taken shallow, with the vast majority being channel cats taken by fishermen using floats and nightcrawlers.  

A few rockfish are starting to show up in the  Duck river around cool water places, by fishermen using live shad or large crankbaits.

The STRIKE KING tournament last weekend was won by Eric Shelton and Gary Singleton with a 3 fish limit weighing in 13.38lbs, big fish was taken by Team. Jammy McCloud and Ken Little with a fish weighing 6.39lbs