Water temp’s mid 70’s

Flow rates have been around 70.000cfs but predicted to slow by this weekend

Water levels 359.7ft, predicted to fall over the week to 359ft

Fishing Report for Kentucky lake and duck river

Shell cracker (Red-eared sunfish) action has been picking up, a cold front which dropped water temps has slowed the bite up.  Most fish have been  taken in 2-5 foot of water in backs of bays around grass, limits are 20/person/day

Crappie–  fish remain hard to find, most are being taken by ‘spider rigging or trolling’ seems covering a lot of water is the key as crappie seem to always be on move

Bass– Bass still seem to be avaiding fishermen, a few good catches are coming from fish moving off bed, with a few coming off river Islands with grass, a few fishermen have found some better size fish off the summer pattern of fishing ledges, but haveing to fish a lot of ledges to find the fish

Catfish– smaller catfish are being taken in numbers around shallow rocks on nightcrawlers, many of the larger fish have been eluding fishermen here on Kentucky lake as well as the duck river, Blue cats have entered into their spawning activites making them difficlult to find